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What are the Microsoft changes

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Review and discuss the public announcements and changes from Microsoft.

Review options you have to mitigate any potential risk (and even benefit from these changes).

Review the potential paths forward and recommended next steps.

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By now, you’ve more than likely read or at least heard about the Microsoft price increases affecting Office 365 and the New Customer Experience CSP agreement, but do you know exactly how these announcements will impact your budget, your existing and future contracts, or your user experience?

Watch our on-demand webinar to hear from Microsoft’s largest global licensing consultant and how to get started to ensure you’re ready for the price increase on March 1st, 2022.

What we'll cover

With 18 years of experience in IT managing Microsoft contracts to advising on licensing and compliance, Chris has a wealth of knowledge to share on the ins and outs of Microsoft. He aligns clients' business goals with the Microsoft solutions that enable their organizations to transform operations and productivity.

Chris Loar - Business Owner, Microsoft Advisory Services

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How to Make the Most of the Recent Microsoft Announcements